5 ads I dig

Nothing too crazy here, these are just 5 adverts which I enjoy for a different number of reasons.

  1. Theirry Henry’s VaVaVoom – Renault Clio Ad 2 (Publicis 2003)


This is the epitome of cool. The slender jazz backing and colour scheme really build the association that to drive a Renault Clio is to be as suave as Theirry Henry.

The phrase; “Va Va Voom” became so popular following this series of ads that it was added into the dictionary .


2. McVities Kitties –  Chocolate Digestives (Grey 2015)

This advert had the nation saying “awe” and reaching out to its screen. It had a lasting impression on the nation and were seen as Adwords “most engaging vehicle” of the year .

This advertising is appealing to peoples softer side and the video has been viewed over 1 million time online.


3.Most Shocking Second a Day – Save the Children (Don’t Panic 2014)

This powerful advert will leave you devastated yet compelled. I appreciate the cinematic appeal this has and I first saw it prior to a film in the cinema. It caught me completely by surprise as I am sure it did with many.

It is breathtaking and delivers a clear message. This is a call to action and offers more than the shock value that other similar may go for. It is one of my favorites and I often cite it as a piece of work I am truly in admiration of.



4. Belong – Carling (BMB-2007)

This campaign used the same digital effects as the Danny Boyle film “Sunshine” . The CGI still holds up and does not distract from the true message.

The conjured sense of camaraderie which is humorous and reinforces the bond between the friends .

I find it visually stunning but I also enjoy how it builds up expectation and then undercuts it with humor. This makes it extremely memorable even more than a decade later.



5. “The Ostrich”- Samsung (Leo Burnett 2017)

Leo Burnett have created a joyous and inspirational piece of content which delivers its message through the most obscure vehicle .

The pairing of Elton John’s Rocket man and the failed attempt of the ostrich to fly gradually builds up to the climax and all the viewer can do is sit back and watch.


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